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Hi there! 👋 I’m Tam.


Having job and industry hopped quite a bit in the past (oh em gee, who admits to such heinous acts in a public space?!), I’ve come to the realization that all marketing is essentially the same. 🤯


Yep, you read that right. And I know a lot of you will disagree. 🚫


But consider this quote from “What is marketing” by Michael Brenner, CEO and Founder of Marketing Insider Group: “At a fundamental level, marketing is the process of understanding your customers, and building and maintaining relationships with them.” 💡


Consequently, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a team of one or fifty. Whether you have millions of dollars at your disposal or no budget at all. 💰 Whether you’re selling software as a service (SaaS) or vacuum cleaners.


So what does matter? Here’s another quote from the same article: “Marketing starts by asking consumers who they are, what they want, and what they care about. Marketing starts with a question.” ❓


You can’t assume you know anything about your target audience. Even if you’ve managed a gazillion similar projects and worked in that same industry for years. In fact, industry experience could trick you into thinking you already know what people want. 🤔


This is exactly where my background as a linguist and researcher comes in: I want to ask questions. Especially about the words my target audience uses. Because those words inform my words. ✍️


You see, copywriting chops and a knack for brand storytelling aren’t enough. You need to prove to customers that you’re the right choice for them. ✅ And what could be more convincing than learning and speaking their language?


So again, all marketing is the same in my opinion. It’s all about those customer relationships that start with a question. 🤝


But that’s also why all marketing challenges and excites me: I enjoy working agency-side and client-side, B2C and B2B, for startups and established businesses, with digital and physical products. 😍


Particularly when I’m given the possibility to combine modern tactics such as SEO and programmatic advertising with more traditional avenues such as email and trade shows. 🌈

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